Aerarium Fi

Yield boosting & treasury utilization like never seen before.

Next-gen Omnichain liquidity driving and yield boosting.

Our early integration with emissions-based protocols will ensure consistent, long-term growth as Defi continues to expand in this multi-chain environment.
Through strategic partnerships and exponential treasury growth, we plan to return unparalleled value back to ecosystem participants.
8/31/22 - Since April 1, 2022, we have grown our treasury by over 600% and will continue to apply the same strategy to each chain that we land on.

Treasury as a Service

We have chosen the Latin word for Treasury (Aerarium) as our name, with full plans to utilize it to strengthen the longevity of the protocol. Revenue generated by the protocol, as well as partner tokens acquired, will be reflected back to Farmers, Lockers, and Fractal Holders.
  • Sustainable, dynamic token distribution
  • Basket Rewards (Multiple Tokens) paid to Farmers, Lockers, and Fractal Holders
  • Access to unparalleled revenue provided by advanced cross-chain strategies and early access to new protocols and ecosystems