Fractional Protocol Ownership


We believe in providing useful services. "Node as a Service" protocols have proven overall to be failures. The majority of protocols providing RPC's or Endpoint "nodes" to users are providing an essentially useless service at the investors' expense.
As such, we don't like to say you are purchasing a "node". We prefer the term "fractional ownership" or "Fractals". You, the investor, are purchasing a part of our protocol, and as such will share dividends from the protocol as well.

The Fractals

Aerarium Fi is the first protocol to have a finite supply of “Fractals”, or "nodes". We believe scarcity will assist in the overall sustainability of the protocol and keep price protected from being overly diluted.
“Fractals” are ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens and as such can be transferred and traded, ensuring users will not be locked into their position forever.
Fractal holders are part of the core of the protocol and will be rewarded with gauge voting power, treasury rewards, and AERA emissions.


  • One AERA fractal costs 10 $AERA tokens.
  • The base reward rate was 0.1 $AERA per 100k blocks on the Metis network (roughly a day).
  • This has now been reduced to 0.05 AERA per day to promote sustainability.


  • Every month, a dynamic fee will be applied to fractal renewal, this will allow us to decrease sell pressure and strengthen the treasury for sustainability
  • If the fees are not paid by the due date, fractals will be locked, reward generation will be paused, and users will not be able claim any rewards until the fractal is unlocked.
  • Currently, Fractal renewals have been changed to FREE.
25 Fractals Per Wallet