Sustainability, Transparency, Integrity

Welcome to $AERA!

Aerarium Fi is a next-gen Omnichain Liquidity Driver intended to boost yield and enhance cross-chain Defi infrastructure.
We have stitched together amazing features from top protocols across various chains to create what we hope to be a sustainable, progressive, and dynamic DeFi protocol on Metis chain and beyond.
The end product is intended to be a dynamic and self-sustaining source of yield and profitability when utilized correctly.

What you can expect:

  • Customized Tokenomics and dynamic distribution that grows with the protocol, optimized for sustainability & longevity.
  • Capped Token & Fractal Supply
  • Native Farms
  • Partner Farms
  • ve token locking & governance
  • Partner protocol emissions backed by revenue
Decentralized Finance protocols are experimental and should be considered high-risk. Please do your research and read all of our documentation before investing.
Last modified 8mo ago