Dynamic emissions designed for longevity.

There are 1,000,000 AERA Tokens. No new tokens will ever be created.

0 AERA tokens and 0 Fractals have been allocated to the team.

Emissions Schedule

  • Day 0-1 - 1 Token per day or (10%)
  • Day 2-8 - 0.4 Tokens per day or (4%)
  • Day 9-30 - 0.25 Tokens per day or (2.5%) [CURRENT EMISSIONS]
  • Day 31-90 - 0.1 Tokens per day or (1%)
  • Days 91-Current - 0.05 Tokens per day or (0.5%)
Note: Emissions reduce to 0.05 $AERA/day after the initial 91 days of boosted emissions.

AERA Token Distribution

AERA Tokens are distributed in three ways:

1. Fractals

  • 0.05 AERA per Fractal per Day
  • As of 09/01/22 there are 1645 active fractals emitting 82.25 AERA per day.
  • As the cap reaches 2,500 again, Fractal emissions will reach 125 AERA per day.
This number is subject to change as the Fractal cap is increased to grow with the protocol.

2. Treasury Distribution

Small amounts of tokens are emitted by the treasury when the buy pressure is sufficient to support it. Distributions are always small enough to not impact price growth and are timed appropriately to not hurt the protocol.
Additionally, Bonds will be available on certain occasions for users to purchase AERA tokens at a slight discount directly from the Treasury. This allows us to acquire assets needed for growth while giving users affordable entry into the ecosystem.

3. Boosted Emissions

With the upcoming developments, users who lock AES (Staked AERA) into the platform, as well as Fractal holders, will be able to begin controlling a portion of AERA emissions to the LP farms of their choice. This will take AERA tokens off the market, boost revenue and allow us to increase yields for all participants.